Mobile Arts offers through AdsTech a solution for seamless user acquisition and impactful brand advertising, providing high-quality traffic, optimized campaign performance, and enhanced online presence.


Your Performance Marketing Agency

As digital content consumption surges, advertisers and content owners are seeking diverse marketing channels instead of relying on just one.

This is where Ads Tech, a subsidiary of Mobile Arts, steps in. With access to a wide range of traffic sources, collaborations with publishers, trusted affiliates, and media buying agencies, Ads Tech particularly excels in Google traffic.

Its primary focus is on DCB services, while also catering to merchants seeking store subscriptions and e-commerce marketing.

In the era of AI, AdsTech provides a user-friendly solution empowering advertisers to effortlessly track and optimize campaign performance.

Features & Benefits

High-Quality Traffic

Get the chance to run AI-driven automated campaigns strategically targeting qualified users to subscribe to your services across various social media platforms, like Google, TikTok, Meta, and several others.

Campaigns Launching

AdsTech's innovative in-house solution combines AI with SmartLink campaigns. This integration applies AI to social media SmartLink campaigns, enhancing performance through a focus on key marketing indicators such as EPC.

Compliant Click-Through Journey

Leverage in-house AI-driven marketing compliance tools, namely Ad Verification and Banner Protect. These tools guarantee a compliant user journey, from the initial interaction with the banner, through the click, to the seamless redirection to the landing page.

Superior Support

Benefit from superior support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, complemented by full assistance from experienced account managers. They can help you launch your service by providing market insights, and recommendations for successful campaigns.

MMP Integration

AdsTech offers a streamlined integration process through a one-time setup SDK for mobile campaign tracking. It has Postback URL integrations with top-tier MMPs like Adjust and AppsFlyer.

Safeguarded Services

Clients' peace of mind is crucial. Ads Tech's solution with cybersecurity partners is to create a secure environment and safeguard campaigns against fraudulent activities.

Real-Time Reporting

Benefit from insightful and detailed reports to make informed decisions and optimize your campaigns for improved results.